Theater, Musicals, Opera and The Bechdel Test

January 31, 2015Uncategorized

I woke up early this morning, and while idly thinking about season planning and scene selection for acting classes, I wondered if there were any plays that passed the Bechdel Test. A quick google led me to realize that there wasn’t a database of passing plays, like there are for movies. And so I set … Read More

Sharing the Process

February 26, 2014technology, Uncategorized

I’ve been leading and developing a new project at the EMERGE residency in Plainsfield Massachusetts, and I’d like to share some images of the work-in-progress.  I’ve always been fascinated by the process of development that a devised project goes through on it’s way to full production.  I’ve collected some images of the rehearsal process that … Read More

A week at the O’Neill

July 28, 2013Uncategorized

I just spent a week workshopping Michael Yates Crowley’s play Evanston: A Rare Comedy, at the National Playwrights Conference in the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center in New London Connecticut. It was a such a pleasure to spend an entire week in a room working with a playwright, actors, designers and a crack team of dramaturges … Read More

Video games vs. Theater

December 14, 2012Uncategorized

So based on this comment: “in the future we won’t watch scripted passive entertainment, we will watch people interacting with complex simulated environments.” from Metafilter and this comment   Part of the magic of games is that they can give us experience with difficult social problems through this direct interaction.  They are thought experiments, actualized.  In … Read More