Theater, Musicals, Opera and The Bechdel Test

January 31, 2015Uncategorized

I woke up early this morning, and while idly thinking about season planning and scene selection for acting classes, I wondered if there were any plays that passed the Bechdel Test. A quick google led me to realize that there wasn’t a database of passing plays, like there are for movies. And so I set … Read More

Sharing the Process

February 26, 2014technology, Uncategorized

I’ve been leading and developing a new project at the EMERGE residency in Plainsfield Massachusetts, and I’d like to share some images of the work-in-progress.  I’ve always been fascinated by the process of development that a devised project goes through on it’s way to full production.  I’ve collected some images of the rehearsal process that … Read More

Snow Camp Roundup

December 28, 2013Directing, theater

Last week, Will Davis and I got together again to run a week-long workshop for directors at the Strand Theater in Baltimore, Maryland. We were invited by Elissa Goetschius, the incoming Artistic Director of The Strand, who not only organized all the logistics of the week, she also participated in the workshop, AND faithfully tweeted our many … Read More

Increasing Participation in Theater

December 4, 2013theater

I have been thinking about the recent NEA audience figures and declining attendance. I think it is time for us to take a step back and examine ways in which theater institutions can change or create new programs that could address these declines. Most theater institutions see that their primary job is to be a … Read More

An Opera Application

November 25, 2013technology

On a recent visit to the Met, I was thinking about super-titles and their back-of-seat titling system. And I idly wondered if the same technology would be possible on our smartphones. As part of a “Make a Thing A Day Project,” I decided to create a mockup for an iphone (or ipad) app for opera … Read More

A week of Theater Director Training

August 12, 2013Directing, theater

Last week, I had the excellent good fortune to run a directing intensive with Will Davis during the NNPN Conference, at the Kennedy Center, in Washington DC. I had a marvelous time and I wanted share some thoughts about the experience. Where did it come from? The impetus for the Kennedy Center Directing Intensive came out … Read More