Wild Places

Austin TX
The Off Center

An immersive play about drugs, healing, and the unknown. Two women lead groups of audience members through rituals of self-healing and consciousness-expanding; all the while their stories and fears begin to creep in and take over. Petra is a famous self-help guru who preaches against pharmaceutical companies; Girly is a panic-ridden weirdo who drank ayahuasca accidentally. …

The Homes We Build

The Homes We Build is an immersive experience that takes places in six individual tiny homes in Luling, TX. This project explores how intimacy is created and what holds a relationship together over time. Six couples will experience snapshots of a fictional 60-year relationship they create over the course of 4 hours inside of their …

Block Association

written by Michael Yates Crowley Performed by: Heidi ArmbrusterJohn BehlmannKeilly McQuailGenesis OliverAlexandra SilberMyra Lucretia TaylorLiesl Allen Yaeger  Creative Team Scenographer: Sara C. WalshSound & Video Designer: Asa WemberAssistant Director: Kathleen Capdesuñer Casting Consultant: Ada KaramanyanLine Producer: Elena BoulosDramaturges: Katherine Kovner & Chelsea Fryer


Lincoln Center

Wolf 359′s latest venture in narrative technology is a performance created anew each time for an audience of one. The strange story of a company at the edge of the recession, TEMPING is performed for one new employee at a time by computer, laser printer, voicemail, and Microsoft Excel. Pack your lunches, and get ready …