The Homes We Build

The Homes We Build is an immersive experience that takes places in six individual tiny homes in Luling, TX. This project explores how intimacy is created and what holds a relationship together over time. Six couples will experience snapshots of a fictional 60-year relationship they create over the course of 4 hours inside of their own tiny home. There’s no audience. This is an experience you co-create for yourself and one other person using guided prompts that move you from one life experience to the next.

Created by: Katie Green, Sean Moran, and Michael Rau

Review by Justin West of Central TX Live Theatre here

THTo call The Homes We Build an “experiential theatre project,” as its creators have dubbed it, is a profound reduction of the depth and poignancy of this experience. In Homes, Katie Green, Michael Rau, and Sean Moran have created a towering piece of participatory art that elicits the full spectrum of human emotion. – Justin West