The Games We Used to Play

Wesleyan University

The Games We Used to Play
Written and Performed by Max Goldblatt and Michael Rau

Produced by the Docklight Theater Company

First performed at 3047 North Lincoln, Chicago, Illinois, August, 2004

remounted at Wesleyan University, September 2004

Toured to Colgate College, December 2004.

Praise for “The Games We Used to Play”

“Anyone familiar with their work over the years no doubt expected whimsical yet insightful subversions of theatrical convention…This powerful and intimate show was one of the more thoughtful gifts Wesleyan audiences have received. It was a chilling gift, a gift of noir uncertainty and unexplainably quickened pulses. Consider this a heartfelt thank you note.”

–Liz Thaler, the Wesleyan Argus, Wesleyan University, Oct 1, 2004

“The Games We Used To Play is a sordid and amazing piece made all the more spectacular because so
much is created from nothing…We are immersed in the gloom of a chilling relationship and the unnerving game that adults play, where amusement can morph slowly into disturbing dares and terrifying commands that play with the very morbidity of life and death… All of these themes come to an apex, as Rau and Goldblatt demystify the very duality of love and detestation – and imagine, this whole piece was written in a workshop spanning only three weeks!”
–Alexis Apfelbaum, the Maroon News, Colgate University, Feb.18 2005