Sharing the Process

f I’ve been leading and developing a new project at the EMERGE residency in Plainsfield Massachusetts, and I’d like to share some images of the work-in-progress.  I’ve always been fascinated by the process of development that a devised project goes through on it’s way to full production.  I’ve collected some images of the rehearsal process that my collaborators and I have documented throughout the process. The project is inspired by the photography of Eadwaerd Muybridge. During these two weeks, I’ve been working with my collaborators to explore translating motion into photography, drawing, video, and sound, and then re-formating these different mediums into a performance collage. I have been collaborating with a truly fantastic group of dancers, visual artists, film-dance artists, drag performers, playwrights, fire dancers, and actors. We’ve created our own motion studies, a series of writing exercises, audio guides and performance exercises, and throwing many of these studies into a larger performance structure. These tweets, photographs and videos below illustrate different aspects, exercises, failures and triumphs in our attempts to figure out a performance vocabulary.

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