The Ted Haggard Monologues

The Ted Haggard Monologues
A fictional retelling of the Ted Haggard saga

Written and peformed by Michael Yates Crowley
Directed by Michael Rau

Performed at the Collective:Unconscious Theater.

Toured to Theater Bielefeld for the undergroundzero festival

Praise for “The Ted Haggard Monologues”
“[A] terrific showcase for its author/performer, Michael Yates Crowley, who proves himself to be a deft and charismatic actor and clever and articulate playwright…Michael Rau’s staging is tight and effective…”
— Martin Denton, (

“Director Michael Rau has done a nice job of creating simple but effective staging…low-key, laid-back, bare-bones and enjoyable.The Ted Haggard Monologues is a very promising debut from a very gifted group of young artists.”

— Andy Horwitz, Culturebot (

Winner of the Artistic Excellence Prize from the Undergroundzero Festival and NYMag critics pick!

A fictional retelling of the scandal pastor Ted Haggard caused when he was outed by former male escort Mike Jones. With the help of The Gospel of Sexual Liberation Singers, Crowley presents a series of sermons and monologues by characters—both real and fictional—involved in the saga. As the scandal deepens and the allegations grow more wild, the family is forced to confront their own buried desires. In language inspired as much by Madonna’s lyrics and Rilke’s poetry as the Bible, they confess themselves and pray for forgiveness, vengeance, or simply a boyfriend. The result is hilarious and ultimately triumphant—as one family member says, “Want is simple, and I understand it, and I think that makes it American, and I know it is right.